Tekken 7

Akuma should be only guest character in Tekken 7

In December, Bandai Namco announced that Akuma, famous character of the Street Fighter series, will join the cast of Tekken 7 fighters. Now the company revealed that this is the only planned guest character. The statement was made by Michael Murray in an interview, saying that Akuma will be the only crossover.

Tekken 7

The reason for this, according to Murray, is that guests can get strange characters in the game for being out in the world and Tekken universe. In the case of Akuma, it was integrated into the story in a way that does not sound weird. As shown in the character of the trailer, it appears to return a favor due to Kazumi, wife of Heihachi.

Despite having no other crossover characters planned for Tekken 7, Murray revealed that Namco Bandai is open to this possibility in the future. Akuma will be introduced in a game update that will be available in the arcade version of the game in Japan. Tekken 7 is currently under development also for PlayStation 4.