Civilization V: Gods and Kings

Analyze Civilization V: Gods and Kings

Civilization V: Gods and Kings is a great expansion pack Civilization V offers us many changes and developments.

Civilization V: Gods and Kings

For starters, this expansion includes three new scenarios (Middle Ages, Fall of Rome and Smoky Skies), taking the limit these and offering a whole new challenge.

In addition, we have 9 new civilizations to choose from each with their own leaders and features (Carthage, the Netherlands, the Celts, Mayans, Austrians, Huns, etc) as well as Spain and review of previous incorporating certain changes.

They say that faith can move mountains and the addition of new gameplay mechanics, the Faith, which will allow us, among other things the ability to generate our own prophets, create our own religion, fully edit and select up to three special features of this. But the most important thing in this new gameplay, is the paragraph of this strategic, creating alliances, propagate your faith to other cities, etc.

New diplomacy options with the possibility of opening embassies in other civilizations.

A new type of gameplay, espionage. And it is at the beginning of the Renaissance, we will receive our first spy with all that it implies. Monitor cities, stealing technology, interfere in alliances, but above all that you don’t discover, because your actions can have a diplomatic impact.

Two new types of cities state (commercial and religious) that allow you to bring other advantages and missions.

Plus, you have 9 new wonders to create changes in the naval vessels incorporating different types (melee and ranged), 27 new units, 13 new buildings and tree expansion and optimization technology much more fluid and dynamic.

In short, Civilization V: Gods and Kings is an expansion that gives you everything you need to enjoy more of this great title, the changes offered and all incorporating new options, make it a much-needed expansion and fully recommended.






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