Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf is already on sale

The hotly anticipated Animal Crossing New Leaf is already on sale for joy and bustle of many. And no wonder! Since its release in Japan in November, the users of the Nintendo 3DS that we are not a few of us are both wait this entitled in which for the first time take control in the village.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Mayor? Animals and people?
You look a little lost, eh readers? The Animal Crossing series is based on partnership, in farm, fish, fossils and bugs donate to the museum, make friends, decoration, maintenance of town, etc … and are very funny. The humor of this saga reached unsuspected limits creating a game very suitable for all public users not to forget more adults’ users. As a new citizen in each of the towns we visited in previous installments, you must make your people the envy of all others and caring for neighbors in the living. The game system is based on real-time using the cartridge itself. If it’s dark in real life, in your town too.

Animal Crossing New Leaf is different in the other installments in this time you’re the mayor of the village that you belong and not a mere citizen, and wielding your own guidelines for the preservation of the people. You can also further customize your character as well including new clothes like pants or shoes. The houses have also been editing grass and now may be much more configurable and have even added the option to hang things on the walls. And even if you still not enough, the ability to customize all visual aspects of the people as fences, poles, benches and roofs. Luckily no capsule hotels.