Anno 2070

Anno 2070: Strategy game to save the world

Anno 2070 is a strategy game based in a futuristic world. The story is simple, not very original because we have already seen in other games: raw materials and scarce resources, the global warming has made the rounds that the Earth is no longer a sustainable planet. From there, two groups facing each other, have different ways to tackling the difficulties they face.

Anno 2070

The footprint of Blade Runner
One of them is the Global Trust Corporation, whose pawns are the Tycoon, and calls for a rapid expansion at the cost of environment. Develop industrial cities with an aesthetic that is reminiscent of Blade Runner, the icon on the basis of many games. Another Eden Initiative, embodied in the Echoes, opting for a slower than the previous ones, but sustainable exploitation giving rise to more green and ecological cities.

Our choice for one or another will have consequences on your island. It will be the management that we may make the group as determined by the balance and the environmental sustainability of the system.

Many variants
The game allows us to choose various modes, each one with broad and different variants, that makes Anno 2070 is a deep, with many alternatives and even complex. The tutorials are essential.

We will have a third group, the scientists, willing to contribute new advances that allow us to solve some problems that seemed unsolvable.

Anno 2070 will provide many hours of entertainment, now to question aspects that could be a reality in the future. At a graphical level is simple but correct, as well as the sound.






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