Antichamber: Very demanding labyrinths

Sometimes there are titles that found almost by chance and which constitute a surprise. This is the case of Antichamber, a PC game that is very original and in which we will enjoy through its puzzles and exploration.


Impossible labyrinth
Antichamber proposes solutions to impossible labyrinth, where sometimes what seems logical it is not so much. An intellectual challenges in any rule that becomes addictive.

The mysterious labyrinth into which we will penetrate is a surrealistic, abstract place. An environment in which everything seems illogical. And in addition, we do not have a tutorial that guides us during our first steps.

Endless corridors, stairs that lead to the same place in which we found ourselves, rooms that will change their appearance completely to retrace our steps, investigated enigmas that we will only emerge in response to certain puzzles without apparent logic…

Antichamber is undoubtedly a very strange puzzle game, both in its visual aspect as for the gameplay that raises. Each screen provides a totally different dynamic to the previous one, and so on, increasing the difficulty and forces to be used to the maximum.

We are going to find many enigmas and the solution to each one of them will have to be thoughtful, worked and experienced. So we can only successfully winding our way and go beyond phases.

The aesthetics of the whole, despite the apparent lack of details, it is eye-catching and attractive. Each screen is different from the previous one and everything has a story line that we engage early on if what we like are difficult challenges. An authentic gift to exercise the mind.