Arkham City

Arkham City: A Batman with lots of action and fun

Although there have been plenty of attempts to bring Batman to the world of video games, it must be said that not all cases are resolved with solvency. However, Arkham City does respond to the expectations of an action-adventure game in which the popular superhero of the bat is the protagonist.

Arkham City

Fight and strategy
Batman will do what we have always seen. Face the evil of the city to prevent the triumph of evil over good. This will have supernatural strength but will also use his intelligence, will trace mode strategies to overcome adversity that lie ahead. To combat just have difficulties with using the command, because we only need to use three buttons.

We will find a main mission in history but also many secondary must be solved. And all without losing time or not achieve the objective.

The hidden object is present and we must pay due attention. Without them it will not be possible to successfully executed assigned missions. Sometimes you lose some time, but the toll to be paid if we get to the end.

Bringing the video game to a classic comic book and film as it is Batman is not so easy if what you want is to not be one more, so the quantity of commercialized qualifications based on the personage is very wide. So, thanks to wide aesthetic and graphic has been taken special care to at least not take you to the monotony.







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