Battlefield 3 Aftermath

Battlefield 3 continues renewing with the Aftermath expansion

Battlefield 3 continues, one year after its launch, renewing with the high demand for his numerous faithful. In this case reaches Aftermath offering four new maps with those who continue to enjoy the spectacular battles of this great title. No doubt a downloadable for our PC that keeps live this great action games title.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath

New urban maps
Aftermath proposes 4 urban maps that make its debut on the deck of the program locations to extend combat options users one of the best on-line recently. The fourth expansion pack is perhaps the least inspired of how the game has offered, yet still has a bunch of features that make it very attractive. New vehicles, use of the crossbow and a new mode called Scavenge.

After the earthquake in Tehran, the whole scenario has been changed at such devastation, and therein lies Aftermath. The scenery is spectacular and there are many alternative routes along which the fast-paced action, full of explosions, gunfire and fighting.

Scavenge mode
The new Scavenge mode is very entertaining. We start out with a gun and we have to go busting our enemies while we are improving our arsenal, gradually becoming perfect killing machines.

The game meets the graphics and has a fine design in line with some of the best titles of this genre. No doubt there are Battlefield for long.





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