Battlefield 4 MP

Battlefield 4 MP: We are going to have fun and much

EA has released new video of one of the maps from Battlefield 4 multiplayer, the highly anticipated final installment of the saga of action (arcade-military simulator) will be available next month.

Battlefield 4 MP

The video is commented by the Chief of the multiplayer mode of the game, Matt Cuttle, and in it we can see how the level editor used impressive and results of function ‘Levolution’ with the guys at DICE promise that no item be equal to the previous and player’s actions will have different results in the environment.

Battlefield 4 will support a spectacular multiplayer mode with 64 players fighting hard for land, sea and air so no wonder the great work in this section.

The launch of Battlefield 4 is scheduled for October 31 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but also have their respective versions for PS4 and Xbox One when available.