Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, a game to be heard

Only need two buttons. It is that easy to handle this game developed by Nintendo for the Wii in which everything revolves around music and to follow the rhythm. So Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise.

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise

Keeping up with the music
In this game we have over 50 mini-games that need to follow different musical rhythms to successfully overcome them. Moreover, it could reach the challenges even with your eyes blindfolded, yes, but with the ears open.

The structure of the mini-games becomes complicated as we unlock new challenges, although we will continue to require only two buttons to deal. Complications in this aspect and there are no difficulties for any kind of player.

Multiplayer Mode
We have a multiplayer mode, although limited in terms of number of minigames, which increases the fun, since it will be necessary to combine the rhythms in a cooperative manner if we want to overcome the songs.

A plus point is that the game also allows that you can have fun watching play with another companion, and laugh at the difficulties as to keep pace with his character. In this aspect, the Wii always bet on games to be enjoyed in the company, and this is no exception.

The game has been very successful in Japan, and while it is fun, is not likely to be liked by the gamers in Europe, although it is fresh, fun and easy to play. A level graph is right, no more, because it is not the essential element.





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