next mass effect

BioWare releases new art concept for the next Mass Effect

Today, during a live broadcast on the Mass Effect series, BioWare has revealed some of the beautiful art concept for next game, yet without defined name. According to the company, several developers of Dragon Age: Inquisition joined the team of the next Mass Effect to help “bring the game to the next level”.

next mass effect

Developers reveal that the goal is not only to make Mass Effect 4, but really take the franchise forward, introducing several new concepts, making it the largest Mass Effect already created. In the image you can see the released art concept, and the first and second images are architecture created by new species of alien.

next mass effect

Another image shows the return of Mako tank, which has appeared in other games, and according to the development team, will be slightly different shape to drive.

The Citadel, environment also known players of the series, also makes its appearance. Still no release date for the game.