Black Knight Sword

Black Knight Sword: A classic arcade updated

Black Knight Sword is a downloadable title developed by Grasshopper Manufacture studies and Digital Reality, companies responsible for popular games such as the classic and successful Sine Mora.

Black Knight Sword

The concept of the game is simple: as the arcade action of a few years ago, design imaginative levels and difficulty of the challenges, so the interest is insured.

Growing difficulties
We will drive through the main character, the Black Knight, you will have to eliminate enemies and going through different doors, finding it increasingly difficult.

The combat mechanic is quick and easy. Remember a few years back games adapted to modern times. We have a vitality bar will increase or decrease depending on our activity in duels.

Several game modes
We have several game modes, challenge and, perhaps most interesting, we find up to 25 different tests to overcome.

One problem, if it can be defined as well, is that the game lacks some depth, and may fall a little short for the more experienced players. It still has an interest.

Despite this last aspect, Black Knight Sword is highly recommended, because despite the simplicity of implementation is the fighting game is well worked in both visual and technical aspects.

If during this Christmas has a good acceptance surely willed soon reach logical extensions that the title needs to enjoy it to stop with the XBox.





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