Blades of Time

Blades of Time: Fight, action and katanas

The katana is an essential element in many fighting games and in this Blades of Time, successor of the great X-Blades, could not miss. In this case it will be Ayumi, the main protagonist, which surprised us with her tremendous skill in the use of oriental sword, but not only, as it will combine the katana with more modern weapons.

Blades of Time

This title, which we enjoyed on the Playstation 3 (and is very close to enjoy the Playstation 4), partly with the disadvantage that the genre is packed with great titles and innovate is very complicated. Even so, it maintains a good level and although this is not a top ten if it is at least entertaining.

The proposal is as any third person action game but perhaps the combat system is somewhat lame, not by the possibilities that offers but because of the difficulty in which the command execute the action as we think, and sometimes it seems that the characters are lacking for a few moments of movement.

The design of the scenarios and characters in the story itself is very accomplished, creating a consistent and appropriate aesthetics for the type of game that it is.

Blades of Time includes phases of platform that are interesting and require give importance to the exploration of places.

A graphic level, and except as commented on the movements of the characters, the other aspects are well executed.