Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows: Holds the adventures of terror in Heavenly Host

Become the terrifying adventures of Heavenly Host Institute’s formidable saga Corpse Party, now under the title Book of Shadows, a kind of collection which tied some loose ends that were previous installments. A game that’s perfectly suited to the popular Sony PS Vita.

Book of Shadows

Time Machine
On this occasion the frame part of one of the alternative endings that we saw in the previous issue, proposing something different. Sachiko sends to the actors in the time machine toward the past. All lose the memory less Satoshi, which seek to ensure that their colleagues commit for the second time the same mistakes. However, the boy is unable to prevent the ritual celebration that serves as a backdrop to the events that are experienced during the adventure.

The psychological profile of the characters and the study of their reactions is very much alive in Book of Shadows. The story is interesting and has been wisely combined with sound touches that enhance the nervousness that produce certain situations, but fails to maintain the same level of quality during the 15 or 20 hours that can last adventure.

Corpse Party was designed with an editing program’s traditional RPG, with aspect 16Bits. This feature of identity is not lost at all, as it is still necessary to walk from one side to another scenario using the unique perspective that many Japanese proposals are delivered.

Digital Novel
Being a digital novel, follow the thread of the story is here as fundamental as stringing several hits followed. If the argument depends on events that we live in Corpse Party, it is expected that players who are interested in this product for the first time feel lost or confused before a good handful of comments that make reference to past situations already, and it is that it would have been desirable to incorporate a tutorial.