Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: The challenge of zero gravity

No defraud and with the incentive of zero gravity, the game studio 2K has complied with the expected Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the third installment of the popular series of Borderlands video game. The history of this lighthearted prequel (or sequel, as we see it) puts us just before the second part of Borderlands, so we can return to see all the characters in the sequel.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

It is necessary to notice, for those who expect a fully renovated game, which probably carried a big disappointment. Do not become a DLC (downloadable content), because it is an independent game with a new story, but it could almost be. We say that it is there, on the border between what is a new game and an expansion of the former. The graphics and gameplay are practically the same as in previous installments, i.e., we face the same engine as we saw in “Borderlands 2”.

Yes, in this game we will be renewed content, four new characters and a new setting on the moon (the biggest attraction of all), and a prior history of the search of the camera, when Jack, our Borderlands 2 archenemy, just come to Hyperion.

In addition to the four new characters that we can incarnate in the game, including the famous “claptrap” is, we are in a new stage in the moon, very different from what we were used in previous Borderlands. Additionally, the game takes several additional complexities in their mechanics. The first is that our device, oxygen mask allows us to continue breathing on the outside of the moon is added.

The time can be without reloading the O2 is limited, so that the “slow play” is over; or kill to get air bottles or move to reload. The mask also gives us plenty of bonuses, as more damage of the weapons or less oxygen consumption. Moreover, the gravity of the moon allows us to make great leaps and gliding through the air propelled by our O2. That is the reason that the topography of the Moon is full of major accidents which we must avoid, leveraging, a reduced gravity.

We also have a new “physical” punch, hitting the ground after falling when we’re in the air, creating a sling to which we can add elemental effect. One of the most fun aspects of Borderlands is the huge variety of weapons we can get to collect. In “Borderlands 2” we can go so far as to get laser weapons, but “Boderlands: The Pre-Sequel” take on a new role, and although we have “conventional” weapons of the series will have a large arsenal of all types laser weapons and new ammunition to “nourish”.

Those who are followers of the series, you will enjoy the new features of this fun FPS. Borderlands is still a great game, and all the news give greater depth and complexity, which is much appreciated if you’ve played the other games. If, however, you have never played this game and you like FPS, sure to end the game does not disappoint, not only for its history and its “thug” and comic style, but for the challenge and simple gameplay.