Fallout 4

Check out several new details about Fallout 4

Participants of QuakeCon 2015 which takes place in Dallas can give new demo of Fallout 4 which revealed numerous updates to the game. Although the event was not broadcast live, this information was released by various media participants, so we did a compiled of the highlights for you below.

Fallout 4

  • More than 1000 characters names were recorded (including “fuckface”) and will be used in dialogue;
  • One of the characters of the game is Preston Garvey, leader of the Commonwealth Minute Men, who only has five members;
  • One of the locations is called Diamond City, built on the ruins of Fenway Park, the stadium of the Boston Red Sox.
  • Preston Gravy, Piper, Dogmeat, Mr. Handy and other characters may be companions throughout the game. Players can choose from 12 options.
  • Players can have romantic relationships with fellow human beings, regardless of sex;
  • Fallout 4 brings back the “hacking” terminals and opening locks and similar to Fallout 3;
  • As in the previous game, players will have access to seven attributes for evolution, called SPECIAL (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck);
  • Each point placed in these skills will open a new skill, in total there are 70 of these (10 in each category), such as one that allows more items, one that makes the most ferocious dog Dogmeat and more;
  • Players can meet in the middle of a battle between different factions, and can choose to stay on the sidelines or help any group to eliminate another;
  • The Fat-Man, mini-launcher of nuclear warheads, is back, as well as power armor of Fallout Brotherhood;
  • Dogmeat can warn the player about hidden enemies, or mutant attacks (which may even climb walls).

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