Chivalry: Medieval Warface

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – violent battles in the Middle Ages

The battles and scenarios of the Middle Ages are very recurrent themes in action video games, and this is the case at Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a title that presents an original approach, aesthetic appeal and large doses of brutality in the fighting.

Chivalry: Medieval Warface

A simple multiplayer
The multiplayer of Chivalry is simple, without inventions known where to start but not always what it end. Two teams of players (up to 32 in a single game) to choose one of four classes, each with weapons, skills and characteristics, stranded on the battlefield whose development is based on the classic that some other attack and defend. And that is where the strength of the game lies: the hand to hand combat.

Swords, blood, guts, amputations, head rolling… Chivalry is a game that the impressive graphics, more so than the technical art. No details are spared the time to show the brutality of war. It worked very well and certainly is well suited to games that can be enjoyed on the PC.

Visual Power
The games keep the player’s interest at all times. Despite its simplicity, the visual power of the game makes us not prove monotonous. We will not tire of fighting and trying to inflict maximum damage to our enemies. Extreme violence, but only for the duration of the game.





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