Choplifter continuing to build the helicopters

Veteran game fans will remember this action title Choplifter, as was popular in the 80’s. Now it returns in an updated version in HD, but the principle is the same. Remember in its aesthetics to another classic also modernized as Delta Force.


Simple Arcade
This is a simple arcade where the main characters are on this occasion the helicopters. Our goal is to complete various missions, most of them with a common element: the rescue of persons in enemy hands, so fighting from the air is the main element of fun: shooting, acrobatic moves in the sky, refueling risky, etc.

A new feature is that the enemies are zombies, which provides a certain amount of humor, both of the same design as their ways.

Overcome levels
The difficulties will increase as we go beyond levels, although only mechanical change. Perhaps it is all a bit predictable, as if we had seen before in other games.

The more entertaining is what makes reference to the type of driving that we can perform with helicopters, the more-risky more animated, like eliminating zombies with blades running flights at ground level.

A graphic level presents, how it could be otherwise, undoubted improvements over the original, although not the strongest of the game.

We are not in a simulator, although it takes some aspects of some of them. This is a game of action, shooting, dangerous missions and unpretentious fun.



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