Cityville 2

Cityville 2: Tips for those who start in the game

You can play Cityville 2 from the social network, being a game more dynamic than its predecessor. If you’re just starting out, today we have for you a few tips that will help you move faster and get more rewards in Cityville 2.

Cityville 2

Create parking: If two roads together next to each other, you will create a parking lot. If you are close to the business, so buyers will fill them faster.

Mini Game: Clicking on homes, businesses, industries or cars, have to worry about it when the indicator reaches the blue progress bar. With that, you ensure extra gifts.

Bonus Mode: If you win the mini game several times, fill your popularity bar and enter Bonus mode. There, you’ll see slot machines each time you click on a home or business. Click on the slot machines in the air and win prizes.

Specializes neighborhoods: Each district may become an area of residential, commercial or industrial. When choosing and go up in level, you gain expertise. For example, gifts or get more production time will decrease. It is on you to choose the benefits for your area.

By following these tips, you will advance faster in the game and its missions, soon to turn your small town into a real metropolis.


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