Resident Evil HD Remaster

Confirmed Resident Evil HD Remaster

After numerous rumors that emerged in the course of these days, it has been confirmed that it will launch a mastering of the Resident Evil game that was released for the Gamecube in 2002 and this will be called Resident Evil HD Remaster. This will come to the new and old generation.

Resident Evil HD Remaster

Remastering of Resident Evil
In 2002, for over a decade, went on sale for the now legendary Nintendo Gamecube console a remake of the original game Resident Evil. This game, when it was originally released for PlayStation 1 was a sensation, since to date no game had caused so much horror and had played so well terrifying scenes that then, of course, no longer surprised us both within the series in later games.

And now is this Gamecube game which will be remastered as Resident Evil HD Remaster be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One consoles. This game, in principle, not be released to purchase physically, but only in digital distribution, so its price, we assume, will not be very high, since the end of the day all fans of this title as we have played in one of its two versions.

Better graphics
Obviously, Resident Evil HD Remaster has improved, obviously, its graphics, and now will have 1080 p resolution and in addition we also enjoy 5.1, also improved sound. We can also choose how to handle the characters, whether in the original way, as we did in the first game, or in a way that is considered simpler, for that is most easy. If Resident Evil HD Remaster has convinced because you want to have the opportunity to play this horror classic for the first time or because you love this game, will be launch in Japan on 27 November, while the rest of the world must wait for early 2015.