De Blob 2: The Underground

De Blob 2: The Underground, new adventures in a world by coloring

De Blob is an original adventure in the genre of the platforms initially developed for the Nintendo Wii that has slowly been coming to other consoles, such as Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Certainly, this is not a top ten, but has its audience that demands new versions continue to enjoy this game.

De Blob 2: The Underground

The argument of this second installment keeps consistent with what happened in the first part. In fact, it is nearly identical. The character Comrade Black and his army INKT have returned to do his thing, stripped of all color to the city of Prisma City.

This city has been put into a pretty sad gray, so again we have to assume the role of saviors and bring back the joy and color to Prisma City. Who is the hero of the adventure? Thus he who already was original starred as Wii, Blob.

For those who do not have the pleasure of meeting, Blob is a kind of ball-Blub Blandi which has a very special ability, such as absorb any kind of paint.

Our fundamental task in each level is to find reservoirs and rivers of paint of different colors, dive into them to absorb the paint and use it to go coloring stage. In each of the worlds we move up a series of missions that we are giving up on both major and minor.

Moments for humor
In the various missions will be times for humor, and is that the way to deal with enemies sometimes cause the odd laugh.

Technically the title is an evolution of what has been referred to in the first installment. In fact, in the Wii version was used the same graphics engine. The soundtrack is still as good as the original.