Disney Universe

Disney Universe, or the classic of children caught in the amusement park

The game brings us to the Disney Universe, the latest in theme park attractions for children. A virtual world, created by the Wonder Labs company, the laboratory of desires, in which children are the protagonists.

Disney Universe

When it seems that everything is ready for launch, a virus called Hex, infiltrates the system and takes control of the virtual world, leaving some children trapped inside. What we have to do? Yes, look for the children and end the virus.

Obviously this is a title almost exclusively aimed at a child audience, with what that means: simple mechanical, very recognizable characters, garish colors and funny sounds.

Up to four players
We can play up to four children can choose up to 45 different costumes for our characters, a circumstance which reminds another children game Little Big Planet.

In Disney Universe you will find such classic titles: collect items, find keys, climbing platforms, mounted guns and shoot them, and of course, end with the enemies that stand in our way.

The different worlds are in turn divided into levels, three each that will increase the difficulties to achieve the objectives.

The humor is present throughout the game, especially in the form of special powers that we will be using to go getting them. The controls are very simple and just with a couple of buttons we can complete the game. It should not be forgotten who is the audience for the game.

At the technical level is very well done, no surprises in this field. The Disney brand leaves no detail to the improvisation and is always a guarantee.





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