Don't Starve

Don’t Starve: a unique survival game

Don’t Starve is an adventure game developed by Klei Entertainment, the same team that triumphed with the magnificent Mark of the Ninja. The game, based on compelling survival adventure, is original, complex and very addictive. Definitely a challenge for genre fans.

Don't Starve

Professor Wilson
The game places the Professor Wilson in a hostile environment in which to survive. Many will to overcome adversity, weather, disease, etc and sometimes will even distressing to see the difficulties that must be addressed. The only way is to use intelligence.

We’ll explore scenarios for objects that will help us save the dangers we face. Its will be raw materials, food, tool, etc. We will use axes, shovels or picks with which we extract raw materials from the earth, arms to defend ourselves from enemies, kitchen utensils to keep food, and clothes that protect us from the weather. The variety of options is extensive and we always have the feeling that we can get more.

Collect food and raw materials to survive the day to day may seem very simple, but not be neglected because the danger is always lurking. During the day there will be lots of enemies that can destroy our lives and in the evening we will be exposed to all pleasant surprises for the integrity of our character.

Attractive aesthetic
The game keeps its aesthetics appealing, and both the characters and the scenes are very well designed, with a coherent narrative. Don’t Starve keeps sound level, with tunes well suited to the story that unfolds in each moment.