Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – all against all and against the bad

The games based on the popular animated series ‘Dragon Ball’ out on an annual basis; but for this latest release have employed a few months longer than usual to avoid setbacks like the recent deliveries. “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z” is a fighting game that retrieves one of the essences of the renowned manga: fighting in group, so frequent in the drawings, although the definitive were one against one.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

The mode is not new. Some titles released during the height of the series in the nineties had massive fights, but the video game saga had strayed from the main sense of the series: powerful fighting full of energy and suffering.

The game allows all types: from one against all, all against all, from a four to four to a cooperative fight that requires strategy and not only to crush buttons between the 70 available characters. The history option, with missions also focused in fights, runs the argument key episodes of “Dragon Ball Z” with open environments and free movement.

Genre: fight. Available on PS3, Xbox 360 (60 euros) and PS Vita (40 euros) from January 24. For over 12 years.



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