Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts turns its back on the Wii U

Electronic Arts, one of the most popular companies in the gaming industry, has confirmed that is not currently developing any type of game for Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U, although less than two years ago confirmed to have reached a alliance “unprecedented” with the Japanese company to supply various titles. It is possible that in the medium term Electronic Arts re-create a game for Nintendo, but not soon.

Electronic Arts

Despite the fact that in 2011, everything indicated that both companies shake ties and work together, the fact is that two years after initial expectations have not been met and even earlier this year eliminated the Wii U edition of Dead Space 3, leaving to support of the game to the console just as other companies have been doing it gradually as Ubisoft with other titles.

Thus, the company owns the largest video game franchises such as The Sims, Madden or Battlefield, has confirmed that, at present, is not developing any titles for Nintendo’s latest console.

This may further damage the Nintendo console, is that sales of the Wii U not going well.

It happened with Sega
Wii U could live the same situation suffered by Sega in 1999 with the Dreamcast console, disappeared after the refusal of the developer to support the games for the console. In fact, among developers, Warner Brothers seems to be the only company that maintains the design of video games for Wii U as it plans the launch of its next game in the series of Batman for the console.

However, experts emphasize that the best games that work on the Nintendo console are developed by the company itself except dance title Just Dance, Ubisoft, who has found a big hole in market.