Evoland: A game for nostalgic

Most current games based much of its appeal in realistic graphics that transport you to the universe trying to emulate, but it is not the case Evoland. Indeed, using the “graphical enhancements” of video games as part of the game system.


Evoland is a mythical cross between Zelda and Final Fantasy. It has the same mechanics of play and same graphics, although some screens has touches of devil, isometric perspective and more action than role.

It is that as we are playing Evoland grace makes us relive the history of role-playing games, for those who already have some years playing, it will bring fond memories of playing in front of a green phosphor screens in 2D and safe it takes more than a smile to the most nostalgic.

The game starts with the pixel art and green of the first games of the late 80s, a 2D map, and the classic metal sound of those games at the time. As we go to evolve in the game, we will unlock new graphics, music and sound, until the current games designed from the 3D, the high resolution textures.

The gameplay also will be changing, since, dying to first neglect, to have the classic hearts that represent the life you have left to your character, until you reach the bar of life and energy. The game is fun and exciting for thirty somethings who have lived all these developments, it is also true that in the end, the game can get a little repetitive. It is also a fairly simple game, where there is little challenge and more importantly how we’re teaching all phases of the history of the game than the game itself.

Evoland has been widely criticized by the specialized media, lack of originality, for the simplicity of the game, and that most RPG expecting a much more complex, like these, with professions, to raise the level of the character or high level of exploration. But, strangely, the user ratings of Evoland have been positive, because they have understood where the fun and beauty of this game is, and what keeps you glued to the computer for hours playing, relive those moments so entertained playing to what we now call “classic games”.