Extreme violence in Bloodforge

Bloodforge is an action game that is based on an already very aesthetic view in the game, basically the legendary world of Conan the Barbarian. If you do not innovate in the staging, you should do it in the other aspects of a game and, this time, has not been achieved.


A very original story
Once again we are witnessing a recurring story. A man with a dark past, with combat skills but that is kept quiet and enemies willing to break his peace. From there, violent fights without truce.

On this occasion the enemies are the gods responsible for the disappearance of the family and friends of the main protagonist. Revenge is the theme of the story.

Sometimes the routine falls
As the game progresses we find new weapons to fight, we develop and improve our technical skills. However, everything seems to be excessively monotonous, routine despite the fact that the enemies change and, in theory, should provide the new combat mechanics, they are still basically the same, with little room for improvisation or surprise.

Luckily aesthetic level is well resolved, with characters that convey well characterized but, yes, nothing we have not seen before in other titles.

The appeal of excess blood duels in the evidence of the violence that exudes in the desire for vengeance of the main principal.

In short we are facing an action game with bloody battles and a correct aesthetic for the genre but it does not add new features on a very trite.






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