F1 2011

F1 2011: Late release for PS Vita

To provide depth catalog of the young PS Vita some titles were reissued as F1 2011 when it was about to start the 2012 season. However, the title continues to maintain validity for those who enjoy these powerful simulators but, yes, though it the data arrive something outdated.

F1 2011

Artificial Intelligence
As happened with the Nintendo 3DS version seen some defect in the behavior of vehicles moving in Artificial Intelligence function of the machine, so the experience of playing against it is not very satisfactory, finding greater motivation in the multiplayer mode.

Ignoring this problem, which certainly does not lack is the perfect recreation of the tracks and cars, as well as all the elements surrounding the Formula 1 races. The work in this direction continues to offer a high level.

The elements that can condition the races (rain, tires, etc..) maintain a strong similarity to what we see every Sunday on television, if we are followers of the adventures of Fernando Alonso and company.

Attractive multiplayer
Despite the problem of delay in the publication of this title for this platform, it would be unfair not to mention modes that we proposed (quick race, time trial, track and grand prize) will spend good time in front of the screen.

In multiplayer gives option to participate up to four players both locally and on-line, still the best of this version.