Fallblox: good puzzle game for Nintendo DS

The puzzle games are well suited to the Nintendo DS and this Fallblox is a clear example. Developed by Intelligent Systems, the same study of titles so popular as Paper Mario or Advance War, this is a game that will test our ability and, as we play, it becomes very addictive.


Reaching the top
The protagonist that guides us by Fallblox is Mallo, a strong and sturdy character able to drag heavy blocks that we need to locate in different figures. The goal will be to place them so that, through breaks, we can reach the top.

But it will not be an easy task and the game is very demanding. We shall have many sets with which it will be necessary to give much thought to the series of movements that create a ladder to reach the top.

Dimensional movements
As new regarding Pullblox, now we can move the pieces in three dimensions. We can move them inside, outside, left or right, with limited space but most likely to move. The other big news is that the parts suffer from gravity, therefore that if we don’t have any piece below, these will fall. In this regard recalls the brilliant and triumphant Tetris.

The game includes some additional items to the main objective to make it more entertaining, and there are the birds that we will have to go catching.

We have numerous screens and a total of 20 levels, sufficient initially to spend a few hours overcoming challenges based on forming demanding puzzles. Anyway, the game is expandable and surely we will do it, because it engages, and long.



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