Falskaar: The impressive mod of Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls series is as big as your world awesome. Discuss the latest title with the tagline Skyrim is about the video game made ​​art in every sense. The community also created not for mods, some as impressive as the one we are going to have…


An adventurous mod
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is possibly one of the best games created ever. If we thought that with the fourth part titled Oblivion had peaked, we were very wrong. It’s a game with the help of the mods, is almost endless and if these variations are as plump as the content Falskaar, even more so.

A 19 year old boy named Alexander Velicky has created a modification for Skyrim that adds many new features that the creator has said that the total duration revolves around more than 20 hours. Falskaar adds a new independent region of Tamriel, 26 new missions which nine of them are longer than others to be the main story and 17 are sub quests, new items including books, recipes, weapons and armor, two new spells and a new cry, a bard with many new songs, a soundtrack that contains 14 new songs that sum total of more than 40 minutes and dubbing of all the texts that appear in this modification.

A masterpiece
Alexander said more than 100 people have helped the modification was true both in the dub, in the soundtrack or in any of the subjects. The young man was a whole year creating this small expansion and ensures that his father offered him a wonderful support, paying expenses and without having to go to school or look for work.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a masterpiece in Western RPGs. Its realistic graphics, incredible soundtrack, its main story and the freedom that you can move around the world makes this little interactive gem have to be, at least, proved by all types of player.



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