Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV could not go this year

Some time ago some specialized media picked up the story, based on rumors that were Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III would go on sale this year. But the company Square Enix has said that this information is not accurate.

Final Fantasy XV

Rumors of Square Enix
There were many media a few weeks ago they announced that the games Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III would go on sale this year 2014. However this information is based on an internal file in which the company had nothing to do with what it was just rumors unconfirmed.

Square Enix has echoed this and has publicly announced that the information provided on these two games is not accurate, but it’s only dates for guidance, but in no case are official. Despite this, Square Enix has not at any time denied that the leaked document and from which this story came out authentic and filtrate illegally. The company insists that the estimated periods are totally false and that has not made any announcement about the departure of these two games, whose date has yet to be announced.

Two highly anticipated games
Rumors leaked by many means responsive to the desire to have a large portion of the public to enjoy Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, corresponding to two sets sagas with many fans and are waiting with great impatience by all his followers. No doubt when Square Enix officially announced the date of departure, which could well be during this 2014, this will be one of the big news of the last few months that we have no doubt that plenty of players will be very attentive. Can we enjoy during this year 2014 these two titles?