Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 2014

The sagas Fifa and PES absolutely dominate football video games for their realism in the field. “Football Manager” is vastly inferior in graphics and gameplay. The 2014 version has improved as simulator games, but still far behind its competitors. However, ‘Football Manager’ has no rival as a sports manager, the real goal of the game.

The player, in the role of coach, not only determines the lineup and tactics of the game, but the level of detail comes to having to negotiate with management style game, giving motivational talks and see if the players have internalized message or if they rebel, ask a captain to motivate a partner, negotiate new signings and transferred them to grow, hear from the TAs on the needs of particular player, invite a striker to shoot more from distance if that’s his best quality, reporters abruptly respond with the corresponding anger of President … with real players and clubs, some statistical tables with a level of depth like no other.

Those who know the saga will see improvements, especially in the performance with the club management, the new vastness can adjust the game to your interest in controlling certain aspects of the management and delegate other automatically.