Fractured Soul

Fractured Soul: Platforms and demanding action with elements of the classic arcade

Fractured Soul is an attractive action game for the Nintendo 3DS which is put to test our skills using elements of the classic arcade: trial, error, enemies and platforms…

Fractured Soul

Combining screens
The game, seemingly simple, has great appeal to playtime, because what happens on the screen above is totally different from occurring in the lower and must act on both, combining the actions of the two if we forward.

The game’s story is pretty simple. Appearing in an unspecified location in space and we must try to escape, and for this we have a skill, that of fracturing and change reality. Each fracture leads to a new screen and of course, increasingly more difficult and which appear different enemies who will try to prevent that we continue our flight. The enemies we have to shoot and dodge, yes, being careful not to rush into the void.

Very intense
It is a game which clearly challenges our skills and at the end of each phase, which is short but intense, gives us a score that depends on the time and amount of items we collect.

You could say that Fractured Soul is a game with a certain rhythm in the way left, from a slow start to a frantic finish.

At the graphic level is quite sober, without big surprises and perhaps more could have been exploiting the huge potential of the 3DS. The music and sound effects accompany themselves properly, are varied and provide agility to the game.