Fragile Dreams

Fragile Dreams: An original RPG and visually very attractive

The story is based on a hypothetical end of humanity. The fighting is perhaps the weakest for its extreme simplicity, but the plot is interesting, the gameplay proper and fine art is among the best of the genre.

Fragile Dreams

Seto is the protagonist, a being trapped in a fantasy world after the demise of humanity as we know it. Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon focuses its importance in the human drama of Seto, who after the death of his grandfather is alone and helpless in a world in ruins. The cities have been abandoned, a dense fog has covered everything, and Seto will try to find survivors to help you discover what happened.

Role for beginners
This game is designed primarily for beginning players to enter the universe of the role, a genre in which titles are truly extraordinary but require breaking in order to enjoy the full extent. Everything is easier for the player to go slowly discovering the dynamic characteristics of this genre.

To level the audiovisual title is very good, with an aesthetic representation really attractive, very much in the style and taste that Japanese so well connected with this type of games and increasingly more imposing.