gas guzzlers

Gass Guzzlers: A classic racing and action game for PC

Gass Guzzlers is an action game based on the speed racing for PC. It was developed by FX Interactive, one of the most important studies on a global level.

gas guzzlers

Three modes
The start of the game is like so many others. We must create the pilot using the customization options, perhaps somewhat limited. Then choose mode (campaign, quick race or multiplayer), and to give it gas.

Campaign mode is the main title and invest the most time. Our aim will be to participate in various tests to go up in the rankings of the championships in which we compete. For every victory win points and money, which will help us to improve our car or replace it with a better one.

There are races in which we can use weapons to confront the rivals. Perhaps these tests are the most fun of the game. There is action and spectacle. We also have the challenge mode, with qualifying races.

Attractive Aesthetics
Technically the game is more than acceptable. Visually is varied and the circuits are located in very different environments with attractive aesthetic. A sound level fits well with the spirit of the game, but it has very little choice of topics and falls into repetition.

The game can provide entertaining moments, but always leaves some feeling that everything that happens as we have experienced before. It is very innovative and there are many titles in that genre, such as the spectacular Ridge Racer, who exceed it.






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