Dead Rising 3

Germany prohibits Dead Rising 3, kill zombies in a game is bad

The news is sad, because it adds a new and absurd chapter in the long history of censorship that has been video games, but it’s real. Germany bans Dead Rising 3 as a result of the decision of the BPjM, organism that regulates and controls the multimedia content that can be harmful to the country’s youth.

Dead Rising 3

This organism has called it “too violent” and has not granted any age rating opting, instead, for a ban on plane leaves “lame” catalog launch of Xbox One in Germany, as this is not no doubt one of the most attractive games of the first batch to receive the next generation console from Microsoft.

Such measures are not new and are derived from a tendency to prohibit content that “promote violence against people or similar to these figures”, something that just giving rise to decisions and rather arbitrary prohibitions.

Thus, and for instance, in Germany you can buy Gears of War 3, but games like Dead Island. We can also go a little further in this absurd that is until 2011 were also banned games like DOOM, DOOM II and Quake.

As expected Microsoft is not happy with this decision, as shown in its official statement: “Despite the fact that from Microsoft we’re disappointed with the decision, we respect the arguments of the regulatory body and we have removed Dead Rising 3 launch catalog of Xbox one in Germany”.