Ghost Warrior 2

Ghost Warrior 2: The difficult task of improving earlier versions

There comes a new title in the popular series Sniper, this time Ghost Warrior 2, one of the most anticipated games for the fans of traditional shooters and action. This release maintains the main features of the versions that preceded it, though perhaps it should have built something new, because those are the only franchise find differentiators, which can hurt in your marketing. The challenge of more than three million copies sold of Ghost Warrior will not be easy.

Ghost Warrior 2

In game developed by City Interactive will assume the role of Cole Anderson, a sniper responsible for carrying out high-risk missions worldwide. The title begins in the jungles of Burma, but not the only scenario, since also act in the hornets’ nest of the Balkans.

The game is presented in a classic, like a corridor, in which we have to eliminate enemies and try not to be surprised.

The scheme is very simple and is repeated once after another, increasing levels of difficulty, but no major changes, which inevitably means that, within a few hours of play, enter into a monotony that inevitably ends in boredom.

We have a multiplayer mode, something more attractive than the single player campaign, which allows up to 12 users.

It’s a shame the lack of new elements regarding the visual level game because the title does maintain a good level. The settings and characters are very attractive and the response of the shares corresponds perfectly with the orders executed through the controls.

The game has come out simultaneously on different platforms such as Sony’s PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.