Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush: One of the best titles adapted for the PS Vita

Gravity Rush is one of the titles that have best adapted to the PS Vita, a game with a neat aesthetic, entertaining action and very funny moments.

Gravity Rush

Alter gravity
Gravity Rush has a main character, Kat, an amnesiac girl who discovers she has a very special ability such as the power to alter gravity. Kat, accompanied by a mysterious cat, who can walk on ceilings, scroll through incredible pranced in the air and even climb walls with the same naturalness than the rest of mortals walk along a street.

But beware, because it is not as easy to handle the character in the scenarios presented to us, and takes some time getting used to get the maximum performance. Learn as in all areas of life: trial and error.

Collect objects
During the scenarios used by Kat will collecting objects as gems, which will provide new skills with which to address the problems and enemies that come our way.

The tests are fun and varied, which is not enough to keep repeating the same movements. Sometimes will even have to consider strategies if we want to overcome them and score points on our scoreboard.

The aesthetic is one of the strongest in the title; really care, like sound effects.

Perhaps one of the aspects to improve in future deliveries, which would very likely not arrive soon, be it a depth, it stays somewhat short once we have taken the measure.






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