GTA Online

GTA Online is updated with the Capture Mode

Rockstar announced that it has updated the GTA Online platforms for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with the Capture Mode, a new way for you to be able to play equipment. In the last game update some settings are also included.

GTA Online

Capture Mode
Rockstar has decided to carry out some updates in the online version of the game GTA, for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Many players are using this online mode, competing with other team members, so this mode incorporates a new team game that will get give it new. Also included are technical adjustments of the GTA in this new update, so make the experience that much more complete.

Four modes
With this update the GTA have included 20 new activities to be incorporated into four unique game modes. These four modes are the new Assault Mode, where the objective is to reach the base of the opponents and stealing the package, which will then be delivered into the base itself and achieve the highest score. To win opponents will have to deliver as many packages. The second mode is the contention mode, whereby users must store the largest number of packages at its base; these packages can be found or may steal the opponents.

The third is the GTA mode, which is based on users stolen cars that are distributed around the map and take it to their bases. The team with more cars get takes your base. Finally, the last mode is the contest mode, where this time only one package, the teams will be fighting for the package and take it to your base. When the packet is captured again appears on the map. You will earn the team that scoring more packages.