GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas will see for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in December

The arrival of GTA Vice City for iOS and Android left very happy fans of the well-known Rockstar franchise, although during the last months there was a hanging name that was sounding strongly between them, GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas

The truth is that, as we imagined, its launch in the mobile sector was only a matter of time. Finally, we can confirm that GTA San Andreas for iOS, Android and Windows Phone will be available throughout the month of December.

It’s definitely good news, because this time the holders of a terminal-based Microsoft mobile platform will also enjoy the adventures and misadventures of CJ. Note that this version will, according to Rockstar officially confirmed, with improved graphics compared to what we could see on PlayStation 2.

This translates into a better modeling of cars and characters, greater viewing distance and shadow effects and higher quality. For the time being little more, we can only wait and see if the people of Rockstar manages to offer a well optimized product.