Gunman Clive

Gunman Clive: A simple action and platform game but fun

Gunman Clive is an action and platform game developed by independent study. The result is quite acceptable despite the limitations of this type of creative, away from the huge economic opportunities that come with major studios when developing their projects. For the money, the download is worth, as it provides good entertainment to the users of the Nintendo 3DS.

Gunman Clive

Cowboy to the Rescue
The game is based on the classic action and platforms. Clive is the main character of the story, a western cowboy will have to try to rescue the daughter of the mayor of the city, in a setting full of evil characters that we want to put difficult.

You will need to explore various scenarios by shooting with different weapons and dodging the bullets of the enemy without falling into the void. The jumps are also essential, in the style of Mario Bros, in which most games of this genre are inspired.

The aesthetic aspect is very sober, without details worth mentioning, but appropriate to the gameplay. Let us not forget that we are before a downloadable that we can get for just a few euros but we entertain during a time that, for sure, it will be very short.

The graphics, also without fanfare, respond to a simple but attractive gameplay in which the important thing is what is played and not so much how to play.

The players will determine if the adventures of Clive have more travel.