Gunz 2

GunZ 2 now available on steam

MAIET Entertainment, which is the company that holds GunZ 2, said that this is already available in its beta phase, the Steam platform. For now you can only buy in America, but very soon we will enjoy worldwide.

Gunz 2

GunZ 2
About 10 years ago and we attended the launch of the first part of GunZ. And so, during this time, its creators have been able to think about what news to give this second part of the game that makes it distinct to its first part. Therefore, in GunZ 2 new characters with its new abilities, different weapons and even different clothes. On top of this we will also enjoy different ways of play not seen before and the first of a new system that will find you an opponent that matches your level.

A very important step, hence for this new game that perhaps many already will be gone but that, no doubt, will be talk about since they make it a new game by comparing it with the first part, which also will see a jump graphic as the first.

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And not only are these innovations GunZ 2 offers, because its beta on Steam, which is now Available to America and soon it will be for the rest of the world, you will enjoy a achievement system, new maps, and more classes and many more new features. If you want to get it, but for now you can only do it with its beta, you must wait until it is available in the rest of the world, although we expect this to happen in a few hours and those who still remember the first part with affection can be done with this much improved sequel.