HarmoKnight: A musical platforms with the seal of Game Freak

HarmoKnight is a new game from Game Freak, the company responsible for one of the most important franchises in the gaming industry worldwide, as is Pokemon. Now change some registry and dare a game that mixes platforms with music, and the result looks attractive, but must await the response from the public.


The kingdom of Symphony
HarmoKnight is a very original rhythmic platforms and casual which proposes a very simple approach: press buttons to the beat of the music with a purpose, which is simply to save the kingdom from Symphony who lives threatened.

The simplicity of the proposal however has a very addictive game, which demands great precision in executing our orders and that will force us to make the most if we want to solve the problems that we face. It will be more than five hours of play with increasing difficulty level that will keep us alert throughout the game.

Different worlds
The game is structured by way of different levels worlds. The scenery changes and with it the type of our enemies, as well as the actual design scenarios. Experience is always different. And not only have to fulfill past screens, but do best to unlock new levels.

A visual level of the game keeps high quality always requires its creations Game Freak. A lot of color, controls that respond and a very identifiable aesthetic.