Hell Yeah

Hell yeah retrieves the rabbit more fun and active for your XBox

Hell Yeah is a new game for Xbox360 console that continues to promote action and platforms aesthetic recalling 90.

Hell Yeah

No room for rest
The dynamics of the game is intense, there is no room for rest and must always be well tuned. There are many enemies and therefore many fights to face that will require us to move with agility and let us prey to the rival.

We’ll find a good number of doors, puzzles and mini-games, each time more difficult but, in turn, more entertaining. Surprises not miss this game, even with some touches of shooter or puzzles very well integrated.

The aesthetic and colorful 2D often confused decorative elements of the scenario with surfaces where rely or interactive objects. Sometimes it is not clear what is harmful and what is collected, or how we should go through a corridor that actually still not accessible. The management, though, is accurate and simple.

Good technical level
Technically, the game moves smoothly and is packed with features that make it more interesting. The graphics maintain a good level and it notes the hand of Sega, which never disappoints in the work performed. Maybe the sound itself is a weak point of the game, it just brings nothing special to the development of the games.

Still, this is a title that has a good number of followers and for those who do not know can be an interest to discover the character.







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