improve gaming skills

How To Improve Your Gaming Skills

It’s easy to say that getting good at something is all about practice. When it comes to gaming, you might think that practice means playing. And playing, if you are serious about improving, means playing a lot. But simply playing games and getting beaten time after time, doesn’t necessarily make you a better player.

improve gaming skills

In fact, it can lead to you feeling frustrated and giving up on the level or even the game. This is especially true if you are playing out there with anonymous strangers who you might never meet or play again. So how can you use your time to help you improve your skills and increase your prowess? How can you get as good as a pro player whatever your choice of gaming device.

Get and play a range of games
Explore a wide variety of genres. Take yourself outside your comfort zones. Each genre can teach you different skills. Whether it is a racing game or a first person shooting game, find out what it has to teach you. Move from action to racing, to sport, music and even dance. Be like an athlete who doesn’t just focus on their chosen sport. Professional athletes cross train and so should you. All the skills you develop in terms of awareness and dexterity will make you a better player. Interact with other players online and you will accumulate more skills.

Understand your game
Take some time to familiarise yourself with every aspect of your game. Become at one with the terrain and the maps. Know where the important item areas are. There will be vantage points and secret locations. Familiarize yourself with the weapons and how they work. Learn how to use them and move efficiently.

What are the glitches and the cheap tricks available to you? You are not going to progress very far unless you have these readily at your disposal. Where are the places to hide? Becoming familiar with a game means becoming familiar with its technology and terms of reference.

Increase your knowledge of the game through reading. Use Youtube videos to help you understand strategies and tactics available to you. What are the game breaking moments? Watch out for patterns and get used to the rhythm of the game.

Understanding your game, means being able to read your enemies. Know what your opponents are likely to do. See if you can start to anticipate and predict outcomes. Are there any common patterns that you can discern? Developing this kind of awareness means good instincts can be cultivated. This enables you to react quickly when something happens.

Practice Your game
Obviously, you’ll play the game, but practice is different. Practice means time spent perfecting the skills you will need. Play Cabal 2 at SEA Gamer Mall and see how you can develop and get stronger. That could mean up to five hours a day. It’s better to do a couple of hours at a time two or three times a day. Divide that time between practise and playing. You could even play yourself in the practice sessions.

When you are playing start to watch how other players do things. Familiarize yourself with new concepts. Don’t be afraid to start a dialogue with a stronger player. You are going to lose, but make it a learning experience. Don’t allow yourself to become disillusioned. Read about new gaming strategies. These can boost your confidence. They will help you become more competent and in the end, you will become a better player.

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