games in smartphone

How to install games in different operating systems in Smartphones?

Smartphones have become an important utility of our life. Along with different utility apps, they also a great mean to pass time when you are alone. The users of the smartphones can play single player or multiplayer games on the go anytime anywhere. If the phone is connected to 3G internet, users can even play games with their Facebook friends.

games in smartphone

Smartphones run in different mobile operating systems – Android, iOS and Windows being the most prominent one. While both Android and iOS in combined comprises for over 90% of the operating systems in smartphones, other operating systems like Windows, Blackberry OS, Linux, Sailfish, caters to just a small number of users here.

Users are required to be 100% sure before taking the smartphone of their choice as phones are not like computers where the users can install the operating systems after buying the one which has a different O/S. As far as the apps are concerned, they are easily available in the respective O/S market. However, proper care should be taken to ensure that right apps are downloaded in the smartphones. Following describes the method to install games in Android, iOS and Windows phones.

Android Phone
To install games in Android, visit the Google PlayStore and search for the game you want. If the game is compatible with your phone, a message will show that the app is compatible. Click on install and the app will get installed in your phone. Google PlayStore can be accessed from the android phones or from computer with internet access. Just login to your Google profile and the app can be downloaded directly to your phone eventhough you are giving the command from your laptop/desktop. Android games can also be transferred using free apps from one device to another with the help of Bluetooth. These games can also be downloaded from torrents or external websites. They are available as .apk files and usually gets loaded in the SD card from where the games can be installed easily.

Installing games in iOS is more or less same like same as that in Android. Compared to android apps, there is less number of iOS apps available for the users to download. The games can be directly downloaded from Apple market using Wi-Fi or 3G. There are few third party applications available which the users can download which inturn help the users to download the apps for free either from online sources or from laptop or desktop. Jailbreak, Moborobo are some of these apps.

Windows Phones
Just like Android and iOS, Windows operating systems also allows a platform from where the users can download the games after reading their reviews online. To download the game, the user is required to go to and select the app to download. When prompted, the user is required to save the .XAP file in the computer or SD card. Remember the app can be downloaded in the smartphone only when the user has a MicroSD card. Installing the game is relatively easy. Just click on the Start button and tap SD card to go to the files which are saved in there and then install the files by following the directions.

Games installation in any operating system is relatively an easy job and the user is required to follow the onscreen instructions. The manage apps option of the operating system allows the user to delete the apps anytime.