axe clicker idle dwarf

Know More About Axe Clicker- Idle Dwarf App

All of us love to play games for they are what that entertains us and keeps us stress free during or after a long tiresome day. There is no such rule that playing games are only meant for kids or children. In fact games do help everybody to reduce their stress. Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry owns a smart phone today and they do download various games and applications from the Google play store.

axe clicker idle dwarf

One of the most interesting games that is available on the play store is Axe Clicker- Idle Dwarf. The game can be downloaded in the form of an application from the play store and you can start playing it. Now let us see what the game is all about.

All of us know who a dwarf is. Oswald, an angry dwarf with an axe is the main character in the game. He does help you to earn cash but he does not do that for free. He gives you the gift of cash only if you are ready to give him a return gift. You got to get him the various new features and skills; you have to help him to sharp his axe and also should give him a new axe. Our dwarf, Oswald is really very good that he will work for us even when we are not going to play the game. Yes, every time you open the game, you will find that Oswald has earned you money. Excited, isn’t it?

The game earlier had about 18 different types of trees that have to be chopped down. But however, updated version has about 32 different types of trees that have to be chopped. The various upgraded features that are available in the game include fitness that helps to increase the speed of auto chopping; forging skills, steel quality, sharpening skills, trade, luck and multiple axes. The only thing that you have to do is to sharp the axe of the dwarf so that he will help you to earn more money. The money that you earn can be used to get the upgrades available and also to forge a new axe.

The best thing about this game is that it is an idle game which is otherwise called as tapping game, incremental game, clicker game or clicking game where the dwarf will earn the cash for you even when you are not playing the game. Why just read this? Experience it yourself and enjoy playing Axe Clicker- Idle Dwarf.