league of legend

League of Legend: The success that does not extinguish

League of Legend is a role-playing game that for some time has become among the most popular of the genre, renewing itself permanently thanks to the various patches that can be accessed and incorporated into our PC.

league of legend

In the shadow of Warcraft
Initially came out in the shadow of the great Warcraft, led even to the film, and today is one of the most played games around the world thanks to its constant renewal.

The game, for those who do not know, is based on the fights. We control a character who, along with others four, must face five rivals and destroy the principal base of the enemy, to prevent them from destroying ours.

The map where they develop the items is symmetrical to one and another equipment, and is composed of three main roads (top, mid and bot) that connect a base with the other and in which we develop our champion database to kill opponents of the rival team, defense towers that we impede our progress toward the enemy base and enemies controlled by the CPU (minions), as well as several areas of dense jungle that offer an alternative way to progress throughout the game.

Simple and Effective
It may seem surprising that a concept so simple may have become the phenomenon it is today, and the reason is that, behind that simple formula, it hides a lot more. There are more than 100 different champions, all different from each other, and taking into account that every champion has its own characteristics, skills and role within the field of battle, the possibilities in a competitive scenario online are almost endless. Here lies the greatness of this great game.