Lego City Undercover

Lego City Undercover: Adventure and action for children’s

Lego is a popular tile game that has succeeded to mount worldwide, valued because it enhances children’s creativity. The video game industry did not miss the option to take it to the consoles and many titles added to this saga, which has many followers but sometimes the results have not achieved what was expected of a franchise as powerful.

Lego City Undercover

Now comes Lego City Undercover, a title that combines action, adventure and even elements of classic shooters. The Nintendo WiiU is in luck because surely this game will have tour.

A policeman
While lately Lego had opted for adapting the game hit movies (Batman, Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean … now your bet is based on a police officer, Chase McCain, who must infiltrate a criminal gang to catch the evil Rex Fury. The approach is simple and full of stereotypes, certainly all very recognizable so that players that led the game, mostly children, it is simple, fun and agile.

The game is presented as a chapter with different levels that we must overcome to move forward. There will be plenty to do in the city, from driving different vehicles (ambulances, motorcycles, buses …) to complete some missions include collecting tokens to complete construction.

Also enjoy mini-games that help to make much more agile and fun to play.

Our character moves through the different scenarios with complete freedom and we shall see him jumping, climbing, driving, chasing, fleeing, fighting … all in a very attractive, simple and fun.

Not surprising that it has incorporated a online mode, you will definitely improve the final result.

At the graphic level the game shows the same solvency in this franchise. There is no room for improvisation and everything works as expected.