Lords of Football

Lords of Football: Managing a team on and off the field

Lords of Football is an original game that we propose to take the role of a football manager, managing even the personal lives of the players on a team. Although FIFA and PES virtually monopolize the market for simulators of the game, the game is fun and it is certainly an option of entertainment for fans of the genre.

Lords of Football

In Lords of Football we have manager, field manager, private detective, therapist and even “father” of a football template, an endless tasks that we have to reconcile. We will be like Mourinho at Real Madrid, which holds all powers.

Winning the championship
The goal, once again, will win the championship, but to achieve not only need to be good in the field, managing tactics and players, but work starts long before, and enters fully into the personal life of the players. It is manage everything that has to do with a football team.

The first thing we will find is the editor that will allow us to choose equipment and adjust all their details: name, nationality, shield, staff, etc…

The templates consist of 25 players, each with different characteristics and personalities to be able to handle. We will train and then we can decide the starting lineup and tactics that should lead us to the championship contest.

Off the field
The free time of our players is also important. The time between games is split between the players work and resting. As decided precisely what they do when they are in the sports, as we do with what they do after the shower. We will have to monitor how they spend their free time (restaurants, entertainment, casinos …) which undoubtedly influence their performance.

The crossing the line in one of these disciplines can lead to addiction (sex, alcohol, gambling …); we can deal with our psychologist therapy.

Template can also manage the selling and buying new players based on the team’s needs.