Luigi's Mansion 2

Luigi returns with new adventure fun

Luigi returns with a new adventure entitled Luigi’s Mansion 2, a classic action game based on platforms in the line of this franchise as well suited to the characteristics of the Nintendo 3DS. Once again, its biggest problem, the obligatory comparisons with its “big brother”, Mario Bros.

Luigi's Mansion 2

While the first appearances of Luigi had the backing of the players, has had to wait a long time to see him back in action. The history of this Luigi’s Mansion 2 is fairly typical of what is usual in games that bear the stamp of Nintendo.

Now Luigi is claimed by his friend, Professor Fesor, because he need help with ghosts doing the rounds that do not allow him to continue developing his work in the laboratory. It all has to do with the disappearance of the Dark Moon, and our mission will be retrieved by the Shadow Valley.

As we go forward in history is necessary to go exploring and investigating a series of mansions and other structures (mines, towers, factories …) that contain numerous ghosts. Each level is divided into several stages, in which it is necessary to go to carry out the tasks entrusted to Fesor, although the main of all will be “hunting” ghosts and other enemies as spiders, bats, frogs, etc.

Medals and keys
At the end of each level are rewarded with medals of different categories depending on the degree of sophistication and speed with which we have completed that stage.

In addition, to access certain areas of the scenarios you need to go collect various keys and the key is use to go forward.

At a graphical level the title keeps the high level of the house itself, with well designed characters and with almost perfect movements that perfectly obey the orders of the command.

Sound also meets the expectations, both in terms of music throughout the game as occasional sound effects.